ASTCA Internet Boosted by O3b

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June 15, 2015

Press Release
June 15, 2015
American Samoa Goes Live With O3b

Tafuna, American Samoa, USA
June 15, 2015

Tafuna – The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (ASTCA) went live on O3b Network's Trunk service, more than doubling their backhaul and Internet capacities. With a contracted commitment for 1.2 Gbps, this service will also double the total backhaul capacity for the entire Samoan archipelago. ASTCA is also the only customer to have chosen the Tier 1, 7.3 meter, gateway terminal to further protect their investment and to ensure top level reliability and strategic security.

The Independent State of Samoa and the U.S. Territory of American Samoa were previously serviced exclusively by the American Samoa Hawaii Submarine Cable (ASH Cable) and traditional satellite services. With the launch of ASTCA's new O3b Networks capacity added to the archipelago's total capacity and the ability to fully backup the total capacity of the islands' only submarine fiber capacity, the islands now have a safety net in the event of a submarine fiber failure.

ASTCA's unique and innovative implementation of their O3b Trunk Service blends the broadband satellite's capacity with their submarine fiber optic capacity. Customers see a blended latency of less than 90 ms throughout the day, compared to the 130-135 ms latency of just using O3b Network's Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites alone.

High quality, low latency bandwidth at lower costs than would be possible from either solution alone makes ASTCA's unique approach to broadband backhaul a first for O3b Networks as well as for the industry.

Low latencies are required for many critical manufacturing, financial, and business applications, and ASTCA can now deliver flexible low latency capacity, with redundant reliability, anywhere in American Samoa via their brand new Fiber To The Premises (FTTx) network due for completion in September 2015.

ASTCA is excited and pleased with the launch of their O3b Networks Trunk service capacity and how well it has blended with their existing submarine fiber optic capacity. They are eager to continue to push the envelope with their technology and information offerings. As the world continues to move away from traditional telecommunications, territorial ownership and redundancy of these super critical pieces of infrastructure becomes a national strategic issue for remote and rural communities and ASTCA is pleased that with the addition of their O3b Networks Trunk service, those strategic concerns have been addressed.

American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (ASTCA) is the government owned incumbent Local Exchange Carrier and telecommunications provider in the U.S. Territory of American Samoa. Previously operated under the auspices of the Office of Public Works (1963), and later as the Office of Communications (1972), ASTCA was created as an enterprise fund in 1998 to operate independently. In 2009 ASTCA was awarded a US $91 million project by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Rural Utility Services (RUS) to build and deploy a fiber to the premises project aptly named the Broadband Linking the American Samoa Territory (B.L.A.S.T.). ASTCA also operates an Internet Services Provider, Long Distance Exchange, and Mobile CDMA network with EVDO Rev. A (3G) data services.

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