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Payments will be applied to your account within 2 business days.
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ASTCA strives to provide American Samoa with the best prices and quality service.

ASTCA Mobile has the best and simplest local calling rates in the Territory. It's easy. Only five cents per minute to call anyone in American Samoa from an ASTCA Mobile handset. It doesn't matter if you are a postpaid customer and receive a bill the following month, or if you use phone cards to recharge your wireless account. It's the same low rate for local calls, Every Minute, Every Day.

ASTCA Mobile also operates the Territory's first 3G Internet and data network. We have coverage over most of the Tutuila and have plans to extend coverage to everywhere we have cellular coverage. We already have coverage in the Manu'a Islands with our 1xRTT (2G) service.

To learn more about ASTCA Mobile products and services, visit one of our stores in either Fagatogo or Nu'uuli.

Wireless usage charges are billed to the subscriber account initiating a call. ASTCA Wireless has three prefixes for wireless subscribers (731, 733, and 770).

Wireless Retail Nu'uuli Store

Location: Nu'uuli Cinema Building
Phone: (684) 699-3737
Fax: (684) 699-9028

HAC Hearing Aid Compatibility

Hearing aids operate in one of two modes - acoustic coupling ("M" rating) or telecoil coupling ("T" rating).

Hearing aids operating in acoustic coupling mode receive and amplify all sounds surrounding the user; both desired sounds, such as a telephone's audio signal, as well as unwanted ambient noise.

Hearing aids operating in telecoil coupling mode avoid unwanted ambient noise by turning off the microphone and receiving only signals from magnetic fields generated by telecoil-compatible telephones.

A digital wireless handset with an "M3" (or "U3") rating or a "T3" (or "U3T") rating is considered "hearing aid compatible" or may be used with your hearing aid without causing interference. The rating should be indicated on the handset packaging. The "M" or "T" rating is indicative only, so ASTCA recommends that you test your handset before purchasing to ensure that it works with your particular hearing aid.

For more information regarding hearing aid compatibility requirements see also:

To see the hearing aid compatible handsets visit our handset compatibility page.

Talk to an ASTCA sales representative to determine whether your hearing aid functions well with a selected handset.