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Payments will be applied within 2 business days.

Payments will be applied to your account within 2 business days.
If a payment is being submitted after the due date on the bill, please contact our customer service to ensure there are no additional charges or fees to ensure no interruption of your services.


Login to ASTCA eBill or refer to a printed copy of your bill and enter in the following information:

(1) Account # or Phone Number To Be Paid - This is to help our staff identify the account to which your payment will be applied. 

(2) Last Name of Account Holder - Enter this in correctly to help us verify that you have identified the correct account or phone number in step (1).


Landline Service refers to typical traditional telephone services. The best example of landline service is the home telephone.

Our landline products and services range from basic home telephone service to small, medium, and large business installations. We have Fiber Internet services for both home and business, as well, delivered over our fiber optic network, to your home or business.

For reliable "Always On" service, consider ASTCA Landline Service for your home or business.