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Payments will be applied to your account within 2 business days.
If a payment is being submitted after the due date on the bill, please contact our customer service to ensure there are no additional charges or fees to ensure no interruption of your services.


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ASTCA Internet's flagship product is our Island Link Internet service. ASTCA's Island Link Internet delivers fast Internet service to your home or business. Island Link services require the installation of our fiber optic and fiber optic terminating equipment in order to connect.

Our Internet Services for Residential customers starts with our Island Link Internet Service, which includes 256/768 Kbps (up/down) Internet service.
Upgrade to faster Residential Island Link options from $79.96 for 1 Mbps and $129.95 for 2 Mbps.

Our Business Class Internet provides multiple levels of Internet Service, starting at 512 Kbps/1 Mbps (up/down) and going all the way up to 10 Mbps/10Mbps.

We also have a Dial-Up Service for customers with limited Internet requirements or who have a smaller budget.

Wireless Customers should inquire with our Wireless Retail Stores for information about our Mobile 3G Data platform.

Internet Services Division

Location: Fagatogo Telecommunications Building
Phone: (684) 633-8095
Fax: (684) 699-9028