Trouble Tickets:
A trouble ticket will be issued and the appropriate repair and support teams will be dispatched same day or next business day depending on “time reported” and “trouble type”. All tickets will be assessed by a repair crew within one working day of the time reported and a repair should be effected within two working days.
If the trouble is not repaired within two working days, tickets are automatically escalated to supervisors and managers for Tier III tracking and resolution.
Status Updates:
You can obtain a copy of the ticket and status updates by calling 611 and speaking to one of our Repair Agents. A copy of the ticket can be emailed to you upon request. Just give the repair agent your email address and a copy will be sent immediately. If you don't receive it right away, please check your SPAM mail folder before calling again.
You can also request call backs by technicians and supervisors by asking the 611 Repair Agents to forward your request to the appropriate person.