ASTCA now carries the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy SII, and the Galaxy SIII Android smartphones. Visit our stores in Nu'uuli and Fagatogo to check out the new phones and don't forget to ask about our accessories.

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The team here at ASTCA is pleased to announce the launching of our eBill platform. Sign up today at any of our customer service offices.

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Android OS Gone Native 3G

The Android OS is here with great phones from ASTCA like the HTC Hero and Samsung Galaxy S. Combine the Android phone with our 3G Data network and get online almost anywhere there is a cell phone signal.

Android OS, 3G, Wireless IconASTCA has Wireless Coverage on all 5 major islands.
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ASTCA Wireless has only one rate for local calls. 5¢ per minute. It's simple. It's easy. It saves you money.

ASTCA has Wireless Coverage on all 5 major islands.
Friendly and Professional Staff

Through our large mobile network, mobile, home and business broadband services, and our affordable long distance rates, ASTCA helps family and friends keep in touch.

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Landline Services:

  • Free Local Landline to Landline 
  • Long Distance
  • DSL Broadband
  • Residential & Business
  • Cost Control Features 
ASTCA has Wireless Coverage on all 5 major islands.


  • Lowest Local Rates
  • Only 5¢ Per Minute Local
  • Largest Coverage Area
  • Territory's Only 3G Broadband Network
  • 3G Internet Aircard or mobile smartphone
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  • Digital Subscriber Lines
  • 3G EVDO Aircard
  • Dial-Up Internet
  • Residential @ 256 Kbps
  • Business Up To 2 Mbps

Internet On The Go

  • 3G EVDO Aircard
  • 3G EVDO On Your Cell Phone
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Low long distance rates help family and friends stay connected.

(Long Distance Rates coming soon.)